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Recharging at Work So You Can Hustle at Home

I know all too well the exhaustion of working a 9-5 and then firing up your side hustle at night. As much as we'd love to be energized for our entrepreneurial endeavors after work, the reality is our tanks are drained from hours in the office.

The good news is there are small ways to prioritize self-care within the workday so you can show up for your business after hours:

Start your morning right.
Rather than rushing in, take 10 minutes to sip some tea, write in a journal, or do light stretches. This will ground you before your workday begins.

Take proper lunch breaks.
Don't just sit at your desk eating - get away from your work area. Even a quick walk around the block to get fresh air can reboot you. Eat something nutritious to properly refuel.

Limit caffeine.
It may seem like coffee fuels productivity, but too much can lead to energy crashes later. Drink water and/or green tea instead.

Do a mid-day meditation.
Set a reminder to close your eyes and do deep breathing for 5 minutes. This quick reset gets you through the afternoon slump.

Make time for chat breaks.
Short chats with your co-workers about non-work topics allow you to socialize and decompress throughout the day.

Set email boundaries.
Only check email at set times to avoid constant distraction. Close out of your inbox to focus on important projects.

Leave on time.
Make it a habit to walk out the door at 5pm. Those extra minutes add up to more energy for your personal goals.

With some creativity, you can absolutely infuse more tiny acts of self-care into your workday. Don't wait until you're home, hungry and exhausted to think about yourself. The time is now - your health and your hustle depend on it!